Sound financial management practices, including understanding and analyzing financial ratios and statements, developing appropriate budgets, understanding the mixture and nature of a program’s funding sources, and tying financial resources to operational objectives, not only ensures the sustainability and viability of an organization over time, but it helps to build trust among funders, clients and other stakeholders.

Toolkit: Identifying the Actual Cost of a Meal – Parts 1 and 2

November 3, 2016

A quality senior nutrition program should be future-focused, client-focused, entrepreneurial-minded and should demonstrate business acumen. Those running and overseeing quality senior nutrition programs, independent of their size, must understand why it is imperative to fully understand their actual costs and acceptable “profit margins” before participating in this changing business arena. The following resources support the… Read more »

The Finance Project

April 16, 2015

The Finance Project is a nonprofit research, consulting, technical assistance, and training firm for public and private sector leaders nationwide. The website includes a Promising Practices catalog, a Finding Federal Funding guide, and sustainability planning resources.