In this webinar, listeners will learn about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Bureau’s Office for Older Americans – dedicated specifically to financially protecting and educating seniors. In this webinar, listeners will explore how the CFPB’s unique consumer response system collects consumer feedback and takes necessary action to address product and/or service issue(s). Seniors, caregivers and Aging Network professionals can use and benefit from the range of helpful resources provided by the CFPB’s Office for Older Americans. Listeners will also gain insight on a new scam prevention initiative created specifically for seniors, developed by the Federal Trade Commission – a partner agency to the CFPB.

This webinar was led by James Miner (Office for the Financial Protection of Older Americans, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), Cora Hume (Office for Older Americans, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and Lisa Weintraub Schifferle (Division of Consumer and Business Education, Federal Trade Commission).

Downloads and Webinar Recording

To download the presenter’s slides used during this webinar and the audio recording of the webinar, please select these links:

Presenter handouts

Audio recording

More resources

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Office for Older Americans – Financial protection for seniors

Ask CFPB – Search CFPB site for resources

Managing Someone Else’s Money – Resource for financial caregivers

Money Smart for Older Adults (CFPB/FDIC)Training Resources for Instructors

Money Smart for Older Adults Video – Train the Trainer resources

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Federal Trade Center

Consumer education on scams – ‘Pass It On’ available in English | ‘Pasalo’ available in Spanish

Consumer Information Portal – Resources on a variety of topics (health, finances, employment, privacy, etc)

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