2012 State of Aging and Disabilities Survey: Another Year of Challenges Tempered by Opportunities

Like the 2009 and 2011 surveys conducted by the National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities (NASUAD), the 2012 survey has captured a snapshot of the states during a period of change. Themes emerging from the 2012 state of aging and disabilities surveys are similar to themes from the 2011 and 2009 surveys, though there have been a few changes.

Theme 1—Medicaid managed long term services and supports (MLTSS) are accelerating.

Theme 2—Participation in Affordable Care Act (ACA) opportunities is growing.

Theme 3—Limited budgets and growing demand continue to be top concerns to state aging and disability agencies.

Theme 4—Agency restructuring continues around the nation.

Theme 5—Loss of historical knowledge continues around the nation.