Maximizing the SNAP Medical Expense Deduction for Older Adults

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides Americans struggling to make ends meet with much-needed assistance to purchase food for their families. Unfortunately, only34% of eligible older adults participate in SNAP, the lowest rate among all demographic groups. Many seniors are missing out on deductions

that can help establish eligibility and also increase the value of SNAP benefits dramatically.
Households with an older person (60+) or a person with a disability are eligible for the medical expense deduction, which allows the elderly/disabled to deduct monthly medical expenses beyond $35 from their gross income, as long as they are not paid by insurance or someone else. This National Council on Aging ‘Maximizing the SNAP Medical Expense Deduction for Older Adults‘ flyer provides a useful background on the Medical Expense Deduction and additional resources to assist seniors across the country interested in applying for SNAP benefits.