A Roadmap for Comprehensive Food Service Guidelines

This roadmap is a resource for public health advocates, policymakers, and others who seek to advance, adopt, and implement more effective and equitable food service guideline policies. While a comprehensive food system approach would incorporate environmental sustainability, valued workforce, food safety, and animal welfare considerations into food service guidelines, this roadmap focuses on nutrition guidelines. Model nutrition guidelines exist for food service.3 Additionally, the Food Service Guidelines Collaborative—a group of government and non-government partners working to advance these policies—has identified Food Service Guideline Policy Best Practices.4 This document serves as a roadmap for the application of those best practices through comprehensive policies that cover diverse settings, venues, and programs.

The first section (page 5) provides background, key considerations, and resources for adopting and implementing comprehensive food service guidelines in general. The next section provides considerations for specific settings (page 17) and programs (page 35), including:
• a landscape of federal, state, and local laws and policies that impact food service operations, including adopted food service guideline policies;
• key considerations for advocates and adopting institutions specific to the setting or program;
• opportunities for stakeholders to accelerate adoption of policies that include the setting or program; and
• a list of key resources, such as case studies, evaluations, and guides that offer insights learned and best practices identified from previous efforts.
The roadmap concludes with recommendations for future research and advocacy (page 44) to foster comprehensive policies that will improve community food environments to support children and the public’s health.