Administration for Community Living: Improving Business Acumen for Community-Based Aging and Disability Organizations through Learning Collaboratives

Although community-based aging and disability organizations play a vital role in supporting people with disabilities and older Americans in their ability to live and thrive in community settings, many lack the business capacity to
succeed under new payment and delivery system models. The federal Administration for Community Living convened a series of Learning Collaboratives to improve contracting skills and other business competencies among networks of community-based aging and disability organizations (CBOs), as part of a larger Business Acumen Initiative. This case study describes the ACL Business Acumen Learning Collaborative, and reviews key takeaways and next steps for supporting business capacity building for these critical organizations across the country.

The Administration for Community Living sees advancing CBO business acumen as a critical step toward meeting the needs of the nation’s aging and disability population. By supporting CBOs’ ability to participate in payment and delivery system reforms, ACL helps to ensure the continued financial viability
of community-based long-term services and supports that help older adults and people with disabilities to thrive in community settings.