Applying Private Sector Models to Public Sector Problems

View Ginger Zielinskie’s Presentation, delivered at Perspectives on Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit.

  • Several strategies employed by Benefits Data Trust to help people in need access public benefits include:
    • Using credit card marketing strategies.
    • Partnering with state agencies to target and identify eligible individuals.
    • Employing direct marketing outreach.
    • Providing assistance through a call center model.
    • Ensuring thorough follow-up and completion of applications.
    • Evaluating processes and procedures.
    • Making corrective changes as indicated.
  • A few lessons learned when implementing this new model include:
    • Be adaptable to changing clients.
    • Be adaptable to traditional and non-traditional partners.
    • Make new connections.
    • Continually assess whether projects are meeting established needs.
    • Continually assess for areas of potential improvement.
    • Be flexible, persistent and malleable in working with state agencies.
    • Invest in technology and focus on customer service.
    • Consider return on investment in your funding strategy.
    • Leverage resources to maximize returns and stay competitive.