Food as Medicine that Will Actually Go Down!

View Dr. David Katz’s Keynote Presentation, delivered at Perspectives on Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit.

  • For the last two decades, the top factors causing premature death and leading to chronic disease have been tobacco, poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity. Lifestyle continues to be the biggest factor impacting health.

“Feet,” “forks” and “fingers” are the levers of health. Poor, improper, or no use of these levers have a tremendous sway on our health status.

  • Knowledge is not power – health epidemics such as obesity continue to grow despite our knowledge base associated with it. Instead, we should turn what we KNOW into what we DO.
  • What will the next generation of older people look like after carrying chronic disease from early ages? The leading causes of death impact everyone in the room, and they are impacting all of us more frequently and at a younger age. The problem is that the variety of traits that keep you alive in one environment can conspire against you in another. We have no native defense against caloric excess.
  • In order to be effective, we need a comprehensive array of programs and policies to defend health, including fitness programs, food label literacy, weight management education, transgenerational approaches, a GPS for the food supply, promoting nutritious food selections and linking healthy foods with reduced healthcare costs.In considering the future of nutrition programs, we need to take the path less traveled, converting society to one where healthcare is within reach.