Informing Strategies to End Senior Hunger in Native Communities

First Nations is deeply committed to assisting tribes and Native organizations in their ongoing efforts to end
senior hunger. As of 2012, there were approximately 410,000 tribal elders age 65 and older in Indian Country.
This number is expected to nearly triple between 2010 and 2050. As the Native senior population grows, so does the need for food and health services to protect and honor tribal elders for their lifelong commitment to communities. First Nations hosted a special L.E.A.D. pre-session convening, “Informing Strategies to End Senior Hunger in Native Communities,” to provide a platform for leaders working in the area of senior hunger to have a dialogue regarding how senior hunger affects their communities. This special convening marked an important first step in working toward solutions to solving the complexities of senior hunger in Indian Country.
The goal of this report is to initiate a larger dialogue about issues of hunger and food security when it comes to seniors in Native communities, and inspire other tribes, Native organizations and stakeholders to take action and develop sustainable solutions to this growing concern.