Keeping Up with Health Care Organizations: Understanding the Value Proposition as Integrated Care Progresses

Hosted by the: National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging

On December 9th last year,  we provided a webinar with Sharon Williams. In this previous webinar, Sharon discussed how nutrition program could align their services with the key issues that drive healthcare organizations’ primary needs. She also focused on consumer and compliance needs. This follow-up webinar  will be a continuation of that topic. It will feature key crosswalk items that are important to both nutrition programs and healthcare organizations.


Sharon R Williams is the founder and CEO of Williams Jaxon Consulting, LLC, a business development and training firm focused on support for community organizations, government agencies and health organizations serving Medicare/Medicare consumers.  Sharon’s experience includes executive leadership in both the traditional health care and the community based services arenas.  She has served as COO for one of the nation’s leading Area Agencies on Aging.  She led CareSource Michigan, a health plan with Medicaid and Medicare product lines and was Vice President at Coventry, Amerigroup and OmniCare.

Learning Objectives

  • Hear how you can apply this information when you reach out for contracts to healthcare organizations;
  • Learn how you can use this information in your marketing strategies;
  • Understand the importance of pricing your services;
  • Identify key value propositions for different health organizations; and
  • Understand how you can find targeted health organization staff.