Leveraging Technology to Improve Senior Nutrition

View Dr. Lindeman’s Presentation delivered at Perspectives on Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit.

  • Studies show that over 50 percent of those 50 and older use cell phones, the Internet daily and social media. In fact, the largest growth in social media use is among the 65+ age group. Nutrition and health technology is also rapidly growing: 14 percent of apps released this past year were nutrition focused.

Important trends in nutrition-related technology include:
• Use of mobile devices to connect to health services.
• Apps and services related to individual health status.
• Social media presence.
• Gaming and gamification as a tool for education.
• Innovative use of sensors (e.g., for food products and temperatures).
• Availability and use of data analytics.

  • Developments in technology give us the opportunity to:
    • Improve communication and nutrition management.
    • Support adult self-activation.
    • Identify gaps in nutrition and wellness.
    • Provide training.
    • Be more efficient in our operations.
    • Foster engagement among older adults and providers.
    • Align organization goals and processes.Challenges in incorporating new technology into nutrition services include:
    • Establishing viable business models and return on investment.
    • Aligning the technology with regulations and policies.
    • Ensuring the scalability and sustainability of technology services.

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