Process Evaluation of Older Americans Act Title III-C Nutrition Services Program

The mission of the AoA, now a part of DHHS’s Administration for Community Living, is to develop a comprehensive, coordinated, and cost-effective system of long-term care that helps older adults maintain their dignity in their homes and communities. As part of its ongoing efforts to support program planning, improve program efficiency, and strengthen program effectiveness, AoA contracted with Mathematica Policy Research to conduct the Title III-C NSP Evaluation. The three-part evaluation consists of (1) a process evaluation of program administration and service delivery, (2) an analysis of program costs, and (3) an evaluation of the impact of the program on client outcomes. This report summarizes the findings of the process evaluation, using data collected from SUAs, AAAs, and LSPs, to assess the ways in which the program operates to serve older adults. Findings from the process study demonstrate an elaborate National Aging Network of SUAs, AAAs, and LSPs that interact to provide older people with congregate and home-delivered meals and services to help meet their health and nutrition needs.