State Unit on Aging Nutritionist Administrator Position Description

A sample position description for a state unit on aging nutritionist administrator. Title III of the Older Americans Act (OAA) specifies functions and responsibilities for the State Unit on Aging (SUA) regarding the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program. They include the planning, administration, implementation, monitoring, and evaluating of nutrition services within a comprehensive integrated home and community based (HCB) long term care system as well as providing training and technical assistance for the provision of nutrition services. This model reflects core duties. Since it is not necessarily all inclusive, it is intended as a starting point for use by SUAs to customize their own position descriptions. This position description incorporates OAA requirements as well as responsibilities reported by individuals currently holding such positions in states.

Disclaimer: This template is provided for reference purposes only, to assist those interested in developing policies and procedures which describe the unique circumstances and operations of their program. This is not a substitute for advice from a qualified legal, policy, regulatory or other subject matter expert. Legal requirements vary based on differences in state and local laws, as well as regulations specific to a particular population served or type of operation.