Toolkit: Food Safety in Older Adults: Disease Prevention Strategies and Educational Resources

This webinar provided participants with an overview of how age-related changes in our bodies can make older adults more at risk for contracting foodborne illness and how recovery is oftentimes much more difficult than others in the general population. Join us to gain a better understanding of the USDA’s four steps to food safety: clean, separate, cook and chill, which are simple to follow guidelines that can prevent foodborne illness in any individual. Free resources that connect older adults and their caregivers with the knowledge they need to stay healthy will also be shared.

Learning Objectives:

After participating in this webinar, participants learned:

  • Why older adults are at an increased risk of foodborne illness and what that can mean for them.
  • The USDA’s four steps to food safety (Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill). •
  • Understood common food handling mistakes that can be lead to illness and why.
  • Learned about the free food safety resources the USDA has available.


  • Adam Gehring, Public Affairs Specialist, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA

Downloads and Webinar Recording

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Key Resources

Older Adults and Food Safety

Food Safety and Older Adults

Food Safety 101 for Older Adults