Toolkit: The Role of Social Determinants of Health – Perspectives from the Healthcare Side

This webinar provided participants an overview of the role of social determinants of health inclusive of perspectives from the healthcare side, and focused on leveraging emerging opportunities through the design and implementation of effective cross-sector partnerships. The healthcare environment in recent years has provided the Aging Network and senior nutrition programs new opportunities for engagement with the healthcare sector that support positive health outcomes. While these relationships have focused largely on addressing food access and senior nutrition programs, they are also uniquely positioned to address the broader community- based approaches that address social, economic and environmental factors that influence health. With a growing recognition of the impact of social risk factors on the health and well-being, community-based organizations have valuable expertise to offer the healthcare sector, and ultimately to bring a more integrated approach to serving seniors with complex needs.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this webinar, participants learned:

  • Explore the potential of better addressing social determinants of health through cross-sector partnerships;
  • Incorporate tools and resources that will guide and accelerate efforts in collaborating;
  • Enhance learning through in the field examples/case studies.


  • Lori Peterson, CEO, Collaborative Consulting

Downloads and Webinar Recording

Presenter’s Handout

Audio Recording

Reading List

Key Resources

Making of a Successful CBO: From Floundering to Flourishing

CBO Readiness Assessment Tool

Feeding America, Map the Meal Gap

NRCNA Social Determinants of Health Resource Collection