Toolkit: Understanding and Documenting Key Client Impact Metrics

With an increasing interest in value-based care, senior nutrition programs are asked more and more frequently by funders, partners and other stakeholders to evaluate their impact on client health, well-being and healthcare utilization. While senior nutrition programs routinely collect client information that can help inform such reporting, resource limitations such as staffing and funding may constrain their ability to formalize and expand that process. Plus, without a more robust approach to evaluation design, structured data collection, analysis and reporting, it becomes more difficult to use such data to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of aging and nutrition programs.

This webinar provided insight into the data needs of senior nutrition programs. In addition, attendees explored opportunities for collaboration – such as low-cost partnerships between senior nutrition programs and the academic research community – to more effectively leverage client data and result in a win-win situation for both parties.


  • David Buys, PhD, Assistant Extension and Research Professor, Mississippi State University; Ucheoma Akobundu, PhD, RD, Director, National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging; and Debbie King, MS, RD, LD, FAND, Director of Nutrition Services, Meals on Wheels Waco

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