Toolkit: Understanding the Perspectives Among Healthcare Decision Makers:

Understanding the role/needs of various decision makers within specific health care organizations is a critical factor in the development/design of your value proposition proposals to these potential customers. This webinar identifies some of the key decision makers within health care organizations and the important issues that will resonate with them and maximize the development of your uniquely designed value propositions.


In this training, participants learned to:

• Identify strategic personnel within health care organizations to who you can target your nutrition services value proposition
• Align previously discussed key reference points with the identified health care personnel
• Review primary objections and responses


Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO of Williams Jaxon Consulting, LLC


Downloads and Webinar Recording

Presenter’s Handout

Audio Recording


Key Resources

–ACO Medicare Shared Savings Program Quality Measures, Shared Savings Programs

–H-CAHPS/CAHPS survey standards, and fact sheet

–Hospital Accreditation,

–Health Plan Accreditation,