Toolkit: What’s New on the National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging (NRCNA)

The National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging (NRCNA), hosted by Meals on Wheels America, empowers senior nutrition programs by providing tools and resources that promote organizational excellence, service quality, business acumen and models for social entrepreneurship. Through a cooperative agreement with the Administration for Community Living and Administration on Aging, the NRCNA online portal offers a range of resources that cover best practices and emerging trends in the fields of nutrition, aging, healthcare integration, innovative program practices and other tailored resources.

Learning Objectives

As a result of this webinar, participants:

  • Became familiar with the resources (trainings, events, reports, etc.) available on the NRCNA online portal;
  • Learned how to navigate the website and research various topics within the online library; and
  • Gained insight on the resources and training needs of nutrition and aging services professionals at each level of the Aging Network.

Presenter: Uche Akobundu, PhD, RD, Director, National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging

Downloads and Webinar Recording

Presenter’s Handout

Audio Recording

Key Resources

Archived 2012 Perspectives on Nutrition and Aging Summit

Archived NRCNA Webinars and Toolkits

Archived 2015 Meals on Wheels America Pre-Conference Workshop

Data and Research Resources

Client Education Materials