Toolkit: Components of a Quality Nutrition Program – Part 2

A quality senior nutrition program should be future-focused, client-focused and entrepreneurial-minded. Those running and overseeing quality senior nutrition programs, independent of their size, must understand the role senior nutrition services play within the broader parallel nutrition systems, and they must be prepared to modernize their strategy and operations, strengthening this role in the changing environment.

The following resources support the webinar training “Components of a Quality Nutrition Program: Part 2” presented on February 26, 2013, by Jennifer Fralic, LifeCare Alliance (Ohio); Carlene Russell, Iowa Department on Aging; and Joe Tamiazzo, Sedona Community Center (Arizona).

Part 1 of this Topic Guide

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Downloads and Webinar Recording

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Components of a Quality Nutrition Program

Emerging Practice: Operations

Lifecare Alliance Program Descriptions

Lifecare Alliance at Perspecitves on Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit

Menu Planning Resources

  • Menu Planning for Customer Satisfaction (A Meals On Wheels Leadership Academy Webinar)
  • Beyond Veggie Burgers: Vegetarian Meal Ideas to Suit Prep Time, Budget and Clients’ Preferences
    (A Meals On Wheels Leadership Academy Two-Part Webinar Series)

Choice Menu Resources

  • “A Home Delivered Meal Program Has Been Offering Choice Meals Since 2007”
    (Meals On Wheels, Inc., of Tarrant County, TX)

Emerging Practice: Collaborations

Iowa Department of Aging Program Descriptions

Iowa Department on Aging at Perspecitves on Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit

USDA SNAP-ED Resources

Other Farmer/Gardener and Senior Nutrition Collaborations

Emerging Practice:
Business Capacity & Acumen

Sedona Community Center Program Description 

More Innovative Practices