Building a Strong Future: Optimizing Nutrition to Support Strength Throughout Adulthood

According to the U.S. Census Bureau1, for the first time in history, older adults will outnumber children under 18 years old by 2035. Although aging is inevitable, we do have some control over how we age. Building and maintaining strength in all forms – physical, mental and emotional – during middle age can help promote vitality and resilience later in life. A nutrient-rich eating pattern that includes high-quality protein foods and regular physical activity may offer critical protection against muscle mass loss, cognitive decline and malnutrition, which need not be foregone conclusions of growing older.

This webinar focuses on the latest evidence surrounding the role of nutrition during middle age for maximizing well-being, quality of life and independence in later years. Join us as researcher Stephan van Vliet and registered dietitian Christine Rosenbloom translate the science into simple lifestyle strategies that will empower your clients and patients to make healthy choices now for a stronger future tomorrow.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address common concerns and challenges that accompany the aging process.
  2. Understand evidence-based research supporting the role of nutrition and physical activity for optimizing strength outcomes in middle-aged adults.
  3. Translate the research into practical application – applying physical activity and nutrition guidelines such as strength training and inclusion of high-quality protein foods in a healthy dietary pattern – to support healthy aging.