Business Process Analysis for CBOs

Your community-based organization (CBO) must operate at peak efficiency to get the most from its limited resources. You also have to adhere to high standards to maintain your funding and standing in the community. Establishing a set of repeatable business processes will help you achieve these dual missions.

This webinar introduce you to a simple, practical approach to business process analysis designed specifically for non-profits and government agencies working in human services.


  • Discover how business process analysis enhances efficiency, funding, and client outcomes
  • Examine the concept of ACE – Accuracy, Consistency, Efficiency
  • Walk through the basic steps of business process analysis

This webinar will also address the human aspect of your work, and how to manage exceptions to your established operating procedures.

Your agency plays a valuable role in the community. To achieve your mission, you must take a critical look at your business processes. Register today to make your agency more efficient — and effective.

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