Getting Better with Age (Hint: Start by Eating Fruits and Vegetables!)

The goal is to get better with age, right? Together, let’s make that a reality! Join us to learn about what makes adults 50+ tick when it comes to the age-old advice to eat more fruits and vegetables.

As a food, nutrition and produce-loving community, we have long been voraciously advocating, motivating, and innovating towards increased fruit and vegetable intake with varied results. Trended research conducted by the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) shows increased consumption in some populations and declines in others. Among the most surprising findings? Adults 50+ — typically considered the highest fruit and vegetable consumers, and the ones we have historically been able to count on to “eat their fruits and vegetables” as they told us growing up — have demonstrated double-digit declines in produce intake over recent years. But why? This is a burning question asked and answered collectively by PBH and the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation through consumer research, with support from the AARP Foundation and Abbott Nutrition. During this webinar, we will present a complimentary package of targeted findings and rich insights designed to facilitate understanding of various segments of adults 50+ and help reverse their downward produce consumption trend. The IFIC Foundation will also share a few highlights from their recent older adult online shopping research.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand fruit and vegetable consumption trends, and drivers, over time among Americans 50 years and older;
  2. Garner insights regarding attitudes and reported behaviors related to fruit and vegetable consumption;
  3. Identify motivators and obstacles older adults face when making food decisions; and
  4. Understand 50+ online shopping habits and its potential to forecast future behaviors.

Feel free to access the webinar recording and PowerPoint presentation.