Growth and Development: Capitalize on New Business Opportunities

As organizations look to expand their business and work with new partners or payers, they must first understand their own current financial health, understand the true cost of services and use that information to prepare for contract discussions. Preparing for a contract with a managed care organization in particular requires understanding potential payers and partners, developing and communicating a value proposition and negotiating a contract that meets both your organization’s and the potential payers’ needs. In this webinar, join the HCBS Business Acumen Center for a discussion on how to assess your organization’s financial position to move into new contract arrangements and what you specifically need to focus on to work with managed care organizations.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Assess and monitor your organization’s financial health;
  • Determine the cost of your organization’s services; and
  • Prepare for contract discussions.

This webinar is intended for leaders of community-based organizations, specifically those responsible for marketing, contracting and budget development and monitoring.