Make Your Mark: Enhance Hospitality

In celebration of the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program which began on March 22, 1972, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) will be holding a weekly series of webinars focusing on the Congregate Nutrition Program throughout the month of March. Hosted by the National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging (NRCNA), Part 2 will focus on creating a welcoming environment with simple changes to your operation. Chef Matthew Campbell will provide suggestions on ways to enhance the dining experience and attendees will gain insights from a panel of seniors offering their perspective on what makes a vibrant congregate meal setting.

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe what creates a physically inviting atmosphere (ex. tablecloths, flowers, centerpieces, entertainment, greeters, new participant buddy, real service ware vs. disposable);
  • Explain how to incorporate theme meals (ex. special luncheons/brunches) to increase participation; and
  • Identify ways to enhance your menu while focusing on delivering nutrition and participant “buy-in.”