Protein’s Role in Bone Health: Does Protein Type and Amount Matter?

The controversy as to whether dietary protein (particularly animal-derived protein) is beneficial or deleterious to bone health has been a long-standing controversy among health professionals. A recent systematic review of available data found a positive effect of dietary protein on skeletal acquisition in children and adolescents. Considerable attention has recently also focused on dietary protein’s role in the mature skeleton, prompted in part by increasing interest in non-pharmacologic approaches to maintaining skeletal health in adult life and later adult years.  Recent systematic reviews and meta-analyses by the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) suggest that higher protein intakes have a significant beneficial impact on bone density and risk of fracture at the lumbar spine, regardless of the protein source (i.e., animal vs. plant).  Additionally, a separate systematic review and meta-analysis excluding or adjusting for weight loss and hormone replacement therapy found large effects on prevention of hip fractures in adults.

Please join us for a webinar to discuss research surrounding bone health and protein intake.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe current dietary guidelines related to protein intake
  • Discuss dietary protein with or without calcium and vitamin D on bone health outcomes in healthy individuals
  • Assess whether animal versus plant proteins have different effects on bone health.

Katherine L. Tucker, PhD
University of Massachusetts Lowell

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