Quality Management: How Georgia Adapts to a Growing Senior Population

In the year 2000, Georgia’s Division of Aging Services (DAS) faced a daunting challenge: the state’s senior population was expected to triple in size by 2050. In response, the state launched an ambitious quality program, based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Today this highly successful initiative produces continuous process improvement and has laid the foundation for a secure, healthy future.

This webinar will examine the essentials to effective quality management that the state of Georgia has learned over nearly two decades. Our presenters will share the methods they have refined, the results they’ve achieved, and even some of the mistakes they’ve made along the way – all to help you launch and maintain a game-changing quality management program in your organization.

Some of the principles to be covered 

This webinar will examine the critical actions DAS took to move a large enterprise of state and local agencies to embrace change. You will see how to:

  • Move your organization from counting beans to counting outcomes. See how Georgia uses strategic goal-setting, effective communication and dashboards to unify a very large organization around continuous process improvement.
  • Align every wheel in the same direction. You will see the intuitive process the state uses to set goals for each unit and department, and how these goals come together to move the state toward its ultimate objectives.
  • Adapt technology to make quality an organic part of everyone’s work. Discover the strategies that can simplify data collection and analysis to maintain your team’s productivity.

Join Blake Lanier and Arvine Brown, from the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services, as they share their experiences and insights running a comprehensive quality management program across a large and rapidly growing state.