Self-Reported Oral Health Data vs. Oral Screening Data: What’s the Story?

This session will highlight the oral health status – and recommendations for improvement – of older adults discovered through research. We will share findings detailing the oral health status of older adults who live independently and typically participate in senior center activities.

We will review methods followed and summarize findings regarding oral disease/condition of the mouth, the prevalence of substantial tooth loss, oral problems/pain, need for dental care, dental visits, and barriers to care. This session will present key findings from Washington State’s 2017 basic screening survey and Washington State self-reported telephone surveys completed in 2012 and 2017.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn about WA State telephone and basic screening survey methods and review key findings

2. Discuss how the results from self-reported telephone surveys compared with clinical evaluation results captured in the basic screening survey

3. Learn about the applicability of findings for organizations and partners interested in improving older adult oral health and quality of life

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