Understand the Business Environment and Your Place Within It

All organizations need to adapt to changing environments in order to thrive. Community-based organizations (CBOs) serving people with disabilities may need to grow due to demand, they may need to become more efficient due to rising costs, or they may need to adjust to a new payer system. Simply put, things change. Organizations change. Systems change. To develop their business or fulfill their vision and mission, CBOs must understand the environment they work within. In 2018, the HCBS Business Acumen Center’s Business Development Learning Collaborative conducted a thorough environmental scan of their business environments and a strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis of their organizations in consideration of that environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how an environmental scan and SWOT analysis can inform your organization’s strategic planning efforts
  • Understand how to identify champions for your work
  • Understand themes identified by the HCBS Business Acumen Center’s Business Development Learning Collaborative