Workforce Challenges Facing the Home Care Industry

The home-care industry is expanding quickly as demand grows for community-based services for older adults and individuals who have disabilities. With limited guidance from the federal government, a variety of payers, and regulations that differ across states and programs, the industry is complex. Limited data on agencies and the direct-care workers they employ, particularly for state- or Medicaid-funded services, has left a void in understanding the status of this industry. An industry assessment was undertaken in Massachusetts between 2016 and 2017, with a particular focus on the home-care aide workforce. Targeting agencies with contracts to provide state and Medicaid funding for home-care services, the data reveals major challenges threatening agency success.

Agencies report significant difficulty recruiting home-care aides, particularly qualified aides, to meet demand. Low recruitment is exacerbated by high turnover, resulting in a need to increase efforts in hiring new aides. A workforce survey identified major barriers to success and factors that threaten home-care aides’ ability to remain in the field. This study is the first step in better understanding the challenges facing this critical industry. To continue to provide services to elders and individuals who have disabilities, in the location that they desire—the community—it is important to support the agencies and workforce that are tasked with delivering this care.

Participants in this web seminar will be able to:

  • Describe the process by which Massachusetts’ undertook an industry assessment to understand the challenges facing the home-care industry related to the direct-care workforce;
  • List the top challenges facing home-care agencies as they pertain to the direct-care workforce;
  • Identify the demographic and personal life challenges that present barriers to success on the job for home-care workers; and,
  • List the top five aspects that home-care workers like best and least about their jobs.
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